When you are the fourth ray of sunshine in your world, your life is worth it

When you are the fourth ray of sunshine in your world, your life is worth it

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Posted November 14, 2018 06:37:58 When you want to get some fresh air and sunshine in the afternoon, the sun is just what you need.

Here are some of the top things you need to know to get your daily dose of sunshine.

Source: The Daily Telegraph What you need in the morning What you should do in the evening What you can do to make yourself feel better during the day What you don’t need to do on a hot day What to do if you are dehydrated What you might need to wear in the heat How to keep cool on a day off What to wear for a hot summer day How to maintain a body temperature during a heatwave What you really need to eat What you could do to boost your body temperature What to eat in the sun to keep you warm What to buy at the supermarket to keep your skin healthy What you’re going to need for a cold weather day How long you should keep your face dry How to protect yourself from UV rays What to read in the weather newspaper What to pack for a winter day What time of year to wear a jacket What to wash your clothes When you’re in the mood to walk the dog What to think when you’re about to get out of the house What to look for in a good outdoor tanning spot What to know when going out for a walk in the parkWhat to do with sunscreenWhat to know if you’ve got a cold What to watch out for when it’s cloudyWhat to wear to workWhen you’re feeling thirstyWhat to read when you can’t make it to workWhat to say to people when you are feeling sadWhat to look out for in your favourite sun-seeking spotsWhat to get up to when you want a breakWhat to prepare for a snow stormWhat to put in your freezerWhat to keep on a fridgeWhat to bring with you to a partyWhat to pack with you when you travelWhere to find the best sunscreen and other sun protection items

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