Which of the best looking boys movies are we going to see next year?

Which of the best looking boys movies are we going to see next year?

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Beautiful Boy, starring Matt Damon and John C. Reilly, has a new chapter in its title as it was picked up for a second season this week.

It’s set to premiere on Netflix in 2018, and it’s got a strong pedigree of original content. 

In the title sequence, Matt Damon plays the lead character, who is the son of an ex-football player who has a talent for beauty. 

“Beautiful Boy” is the first film to take place in the modern day, and the story is based on a real life story of an aspiring beauty pageant contestant.

The film is directed by Adam Wingard, who also wrote and directed the original film. 

The series follows a former beauty pageant runner who comes to Los Angeles after being rejected by several beauty pageant contestants who are all of different ages.

She eventually moves to New York City to try and become a model, but she’s also faced with an onslaught of men who want her. 

Matt Damon plays a young man named Tom who is living with his parents, who are now divorced. 

Tom has to contend with his father’s past as a football player and his mother’s struggles with mental illness, which are both intertwined with his personal life. 

Beautiful Boys is set to debut on Netflix on January 1, 2019. 

[Photo Credit: Netflix]Beautiful boy star Matt Damon as Tom In 2017, Beauty Boy was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Picture, and was nominated again for a best actress Oscar for Beautys Anatomy. 

We can’t wait for the Netflix series to premiere.

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